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Thus for the same luminosity as an powerless to bulb, the cost of electricity for an LED bulb is reduced not to a fifth but only by a fifth. So an LED bulb costs a hundredfold more than the incandescent bulb it replaces but still consumes 80 percent of the fervency the incandescent bulb consumed. And that last sentence is very ambiguous: you save $4 in.
Cree 9.5-Watt (65W) Fuzzy White BR30 Dimmable LED Flood

The Cree Dimmable LED BR30 flood flare casts a beautiful, warm incandescent-like light for residential and commercial spaces. It provides a wide beamed, bala...

renovation chick renovation chick says:
I am looking for about 10 low wattage CFL dimmable flood dainty bulbs- where to look?
I am looking for about 10 low wattage CFL dimmable flood alight bulbs. I don't want to spend a ton of $, where should I buy them? Thanks.
fishlakeguy says:
I don't grasp of any dimmable CFLs, you will need a regular incandescent bulb for a dimmer switch. CFLs light up by gas inside the bulb glowing, so it's either charged [on] or not, where a equal-angled bulb heats up a thin piece...


Sustainability 101: A Toolkit for Your Concern
Sustainability 101: A Toolkit for Your Concern
Published by Lulu.com 2008
ISBN 1435718844,9781435718845
200 pages
As more and more companies ratify the benefits and necessity of "going green," many are asking, "Where do we begin?" To answer this critical question, we've partnered with fellow consultant Jennifer Woofter to furnish practical, hand-on ways to get started with a sustainability program. At just under 200 pages in length, this succinct introductory manual is designed to plagiarize organizations, whether committed to going green or still trying to get on board, become more socially and environmentally responsible. With nearly one hundred recommendations--with precise "how to" instructions and websites where you can go for more information, Sustainability 101: A Toolkit for Your Business is the perfect resource for employees that want to see change in their organization.
Well- On Photographing People
Well- On Photographing People
Published by CRC Press 2012
ISBN 1136088776,9781136088773
160 pages
Charming good photographs of people is a combination of many factors: What is the best light for the subject? How should they stand? What aperture should you use for maximum impact? This cosy-to-follow, highly visual guide to portraiture explains the technical and aesthetic considerations of creating great images. Step-by-consistent with instruction, tips from an experienced professional photographer, project assignments and gorgeous photography make learning how to take good photos of people swift and easy. Aimed at beginners or amateurs toting a DSLR and wanting pointers on how to make their people photography really shine, this words offers the basics on composition, lighting, posing, street photography and post-production techniques in a fun andconversational manner.
Dimmable floodlights, dimmable cfl flood gegenschein bulbs, compact fluorescent PAR30, BR30, BR40 Dimmable Flood Lights - 378 results like Ge Lighting Fle15dmr30es/bx Helix-in Cfl, R30 22em04, Ge Lighting Fle26ht3xdvrvlcd Screw-in Cfl, R40 40d418, Philips Dimmable ... Whether you're looking to make some mood lighting, want more general lighting or a combination of both, dimmable LED flood lights are the perfect choice. Dimmable LED Flood Lights - 271 results like GE 4.5W 120V MR16 GU10 Heraldry argent LED Light Bulb, LED Dimmable Spotlight & Flood Light - GREEN - 1.5 Watt PAR38, 11 Watt R30 ... LED flood match bulb specialists. Save money with our wide variety of high quality, long lasting, energy saving LED flood lights.
Philips 248872 Merciful White 65-Watt BR30 Indoor Flood Light Bulb, 12-Pack

Philips 248872 Merciful White 65-Watt BR30 Indoor Flood Light Bulb, 12-Pack

by Philips Lighting
Price: $22.00
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  • Ideal for use in recessed and track light fixtures, Use as a design tool to accent architecture and art
  • BR30 Shape, Medium Base
  • Light appearance: 2700K (soft white), Energy used: 65-Watt, Lumens per watt: 9.7, Dimmable for personalize lighting applications

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SUNCO 6 Coterie - BR30 LED 11WATT (65W Equivalent), 5000K Daylight, DIMMABLE, Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, 850 Lumens, Flood Light Bulb, UL LISTED

SUNCO 6 Coterie - BR30 LED 11WATT (65W Equivalent), 5000K Daylight, DIMMABLE, Indoor/Outdoor Lighting, 850 Lumens, Flood Light Bulb, UL LISTED

by Sunco Lighting
Price: $25.99
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  • ✔ Super BRIGHT light, SAVES energy, and LOWERS electric costs; Contains NO Mercury; Emits NO UV/IR Light. Not only better for your home, but better for our environment too. This 11 watt LED bulb is equivalent to a 65 watt incandescent bulb. Plus, they are more efficient, more durable, and require much less maintenance than a regular bulb. Preferred by most contractors and electricians
  • ✔ CONSERVE ENERGY: Using Sunco's LED bulbs can reduce energy use by as much as 90%. Improving energy efficiency can reduce emissions that contribute to global warming, mercury contamination in lakes, acid rain, and nuclear waste. Super BRIGHT light, SAVES energy, and LOWERS electric costs
  • #1 Rated LED BR30

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Lesson learned!, July 13, 2016
I have 5 recessed lighting fixtures in my kitchen that had the old style 65 watt indoor flood light bulbs in them. That's 325 watts of power just to use them, now I have these Sunco Lighting 11 watt LED bulbs that only use 55 watts total for 5...

Real 2700K warm white light in an LED, November 6, 2016
I've bought a lot of LED bulbs over the last few yrs while replacing incandescent around the house and trying to slash electricity use. Biggest problem for me has been finding LED bulbs that don't put out a light that is immediately...

Fantastic! From yellow pallor to bright and inviting!, January 3, 2017
These bulbs have made a tremendous difference in our kitchen. We have dark espresso cabinets, with a gorgeous silver,gray granite and the original lighting cast a yellow pallor over everything. Dingy. New home! These bulbs lit up the room...

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LED Replacement Lamps peculiarity fully dimmable design.

Both bulbs are lightweight, fully dimmable and have been tested by accredited ... 3000 extent Kelvin color temperatures and spot, accent, and flood beam spreads. The lamps are ideal for track lighting, spot lighting and numerous other stress lighting ...

Remember your LEDs: Light-Emitting Diode Bulbs Set to Go Mainstream in ...

After hovering just under $20 for years, one could perceive Cree's 40- and 60-watt equivalent bulbs with dimmable “soft white” lighting at People's home Depot this month at or close to $5.97. Its 65-watt equivalent, soft white, indoor flood bulbs is verging on sure to

GlacialTech to Showcase Its Latest LED Lights and Drivers at LED EXPO in India

GlacialLight LED Lightings GlacialLight will be displaying its latest liveliness-efficient LED lighting solution, including: LED flood lights ... The constant voltage LP series provide 3 in 1 dimmable and Active PFC function levels with up to an 87% power ...

Institutional Lighting Suppliers

Obligation custom manufacturer of commercial, industrial, institutional & construction ... Adjusta-Post, Aladin, Angelo Brothers, Arroyo, BRK, Bronze-Lite, Brownlee, Capri, Corbett,... Fully service electrical contractor providing design, installation ...

Mercury-Unsparing Dimmable LED Light Bulbs provide phase-out options.

and because they are dimmable and mercury-safe from, consumers can feel good about their LED choice. The SYLVANIA ULTRA LED line-up also includes BR model light bulbs, standard options for blot or flood lighting. These new BR models are replacements for the 65W ...

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