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The zealous debate is whether led lighting is any good for theatre. Well we all agree that we love led lights but they have their place in the lighting artist’s toolbox. Now I have found that led emergency lights are just too bright for use in theatre as a replacement for the traditional 8w fluorescent tube.
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testing a fluorescent emergency light

showing ordinary operation then emergency mode when i press the button...lamps are new GE F32T8(25W)SPX.41 Lamps.

A Lady Dragon A Lady Dragon says:
Selection ways to light a house?
Secure we can use candles and Gas lamps. Which i have used. Although i was looking for something less dangerous more natural. Solar power seems pretty awsome but i dont need messy batteries, plus im worried about the acid from the batteries unless...
Brigalow Bloke says:
Separate from gas lamps and battery operated fluorescent lamps, kerosene lamps using wicks are probably the safest, most convenient and very conspicuous emergency lighting. A standard kerosene lamp from a hardware store is the...


Emergency and Fastness Lighting
Emergency and Fastness Lighting
Published by Newnes 2001
ISBN 0080477593,9780080477596
224 pages
The encyclopedic guide for identifying needs, specification and installation of emergency and security lighting systems. Emergency and Security Lighting is a thoroughly practical guide for lighting installers and electricians, snooper alarm and fire alarm installers, and managers with security and health and safety responsibilities. Covering the latest workplace directives, edifice and fire regulations, it is essential reading. The text is concise and accessible and includes the latest technical developments such as low-energy systems for extended era lighting. This book provides the underpinning knowledge necessary for the level 3 NVQs from SITO / City & Guilds. The concise, accessible school-book makes it an ideal coursebook. This accessibility also makes it ideal for hard-pressed practitioners. Gerard Honey is a practising security installer working in the UK and Spain. He is architect of a number of security books and a regular contributor to magazines including Security Installer and PSI. A thoroughly practical guide to identifying needs, specifying and positioning Covers requirements of latest workplace directives and Building Regulations Includes the latest technical developments such as low-energy systems for extended era lighting
Hang on Of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards Alphabetical Listing Part I July 2005
Hang on Of Defense Index of Specifications and Standards Alphabetical Listing Part I July 2005
Published by DIANE Publishing
ISBN 1428983406,9781428983403
The Fluorescent Emergency Light is a substantial, durable, and attractive fixture that reliably produces 90 minutes of emergency illumination. Call to order! We have prouduced the Fluorescent Emergency Lights for more than 17 years and have a extended teamwork with Philips / OSRAM Fluorescent Emergency Lights , which cost less ... Fluorescent Emergency Light, You Can Buy Sundry High Quality Fluorescent Emergency Light Products from Global Fluorescent Emergency Light Suppliers and Fluorescent ... http://www.emergencylights.net/the-fl... For an emergency light that pulls out all the stops—providing you with a charming, stylish design and ... http://www.emergencylights.net/fluore... Traditionally, emergency lights have utilized red-hot bulbs to produce illumination. Incandescent emergency ...

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