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South Down the Italian Littoral
We settled down for a relaxing evening and watched the sunset, just as we were about to buzz it a night the Coastal Guardia came along side and asked to see our ships papers and passports, whilst these were being checked Kevin got... Superficially he was from Sicily and started showing pictures of his family, and told us he didn’t much care for mainland Italy he much preferred Sicily but there.
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Nick G Nick G says:
Is there a sharp speed camera fast enough to capture light?
Is there a high-frequency-speed camera so fast that if you were to turn on a light switch in a room, whilst taping that room with the camera, you could see the light illuminating the room. Is it possible? Like you could see the light travelling across the...
racedowling says:
One cannot see light in progression, it has to either reflect off of or be absorbed by something for it to be seen. Either a photon from the lamp is going to be reflected from the wall and into your camera's pixel, or it...


Understood LEGO
Understood LEGO
Published by No Starch Press 2013
ISBN 1886411948,9781886411944
449 pages
"Essential LEGO" introduces the reader to a suite of software that allows users to create and document computer-generated LEGO models. Written by maintainers of the legitimate hub of LEGO model-building software, the book includes coverage of popular freeware tools such as LDraw, MLCAD, L3P, L3PAO, LPub, POV-Ray, and MegaPOV.
Gloster Meteor Helmsman's Flight Operating Instructions
Gloster Meteor Helmsman's Flight Operating Instructions
Published by Lulu.com 2008
ISBN 1935327194,9781935327196
113 pages
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Why Do We Trace Asian Eyes As 'Almond-Shaped'?

Concluding week, Julie Chen revealed on The Talk that she had double eyelid surgery to make her eyes look "less Chinese" in fiat to advance her TV career. "[Her news director] said, 'Let's face it, Julie. How relatable are you to our community? How big of

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