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Scrutinize The Making Of The New Pretty Lights Album; A Color Map of ...
The discriminating folks at THUMP followed Pretty Lights for two years as he lovingly crafted his new album. Go behind-the-scenes and in the studio with the “electro-hip-hop-soul” farmer in this exclusive THUMP documentary. A few quotes from the documentary:. Ryan Getz is.
The Glitch Mob - Draught the Sea (Full Album)

1- Animus Vox 00:00 2- Bad Wings 06:42 3- How to Be Eaten by a Broad 13:20 4- A Dream Within a Dream 19:19 5- Fistful of Silence 24:41 6- Between Two Points ...

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Metallica played the Apollo for SiriusXM (and Howard Resolute) & Yankee Stadium (again) -- pics, review, videos, setlist

Hetfield even joked about it near the start on, after "Ride the Lightning," when he said, "I can't believe they're letting us play this place ... from the show, the Yankee Stadium video, and a clip of "Know inside out of Puppets" from Metallica's "Through the Never ...

Minus the Harbour Celebrate Themselves, Fans at the Troubadour (Concert Review)

Dave Knudson point to-tapped and wailed away on his guitar, creating a torrent of ethereal, dream-like guitar chords that were accentuated by the strobe-heavy hit on show that at times obscured view of the band themselves. It was intense. It was a glorious ...

Led Zeppelin reunion concert photos & setlist

THE Locale: The massive and ultra-modern O2 Arena in Greenwich, London. Situated right on the Prime Meridian - perched right between the past and the future, much like Zep itself in a way - the readiness looks like a giant, spiky circus tent. Underneath the ...

Favorite 100 Albums of 2000-2009: 60-41

An opera of perceptual illness, Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? has proven, nearly three years on, to be resolutely captivating. Its dark, danceable, sexy psychedelia was pleasant; its flushing, winding synths and sequenced drums were forceful; and the ...

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