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Our cousin Becky from Phoenix was in burgh to run in the Tucson Marathon so we met her for lunch. She brought her dog, Dre, who is almost as spoiled as I am. The past year or so, I have reverted to toddler hood and will only things if they are in the silhouette of a nugget or noodle and the menu at the restaurant had no noodles or...
Phoenix Zoo Lights 2012

The start with year that the Phoenix Zoo has used Music In Motion for their annual Zoo Lights. Features "Wizards In Winter," presumably performed by the TransSibe...

Princess Alee Princess Alee says:
What are some prodigious places to eat, see and do in Phoenix AZ, USA?
I am visiting my fellow in Phoenix AZ and his step mom wants my input on places and things I'd like to do. Any advice or opinions from previous experiences?
pepper says:
You didn't confirm your age but I'm guessing you're young. There's Castles and Coasters http://www.castlesncoasters.com/ If you like southwestern American Indian culture you'd love Heard Museum and the Pueblo Grande Museum....
LIGHTS, TIGERS & BEARS, OH MY! Come participation the Valley’s favorite holiday tradition, ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo! New this year! Enjoy TWO different Music in ... Includes normal information, animal photos, scientific fact sheets, zoo maps, and information on educational workshops, tours, and conservation. (602) 273-1341 · "Zoo Lights is so much fun! I pathway around in awe as I look at the light-bears, light-frogs, light-leopard, etc., and can't help but ... + Add SYD_AZ Colleague since 2010 Taken on January 7, 2012; Tempe, Arizona, US; LG Electronics LG-L55C; 86 Views 0 Galleries Phoenix Zoo Lights (Set) Tags. phoenix zoo; phoenix; zoo; lights christmas; lights event; lights phoenix arizona baby; boomer; Show machine tags (0) Hide machine ...

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Run 4 Hearing @ the Phx Zoo | Jan. 18th

Indication up for the 5K Walk/Run 4 Hearing at the Phoenix Zoo on Saturday, Jan. 18th at 7:30PM, with proceeds benefiting children with hearing loss through the Olive Osmond Hearing Subsidize. This Glow-In-The-Dark walk/run is for people of all ages and ...

Zoos Graceful Up the Holiday Season

Here's a look at some of the pre-eminent of the bunch. ZooLights: Phoenix Zoo With 3.7 million lights and 700 light displays, ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo is the largest holiday light display in Arizona. Whether you nab a Music in Motion show with ...

Mickey and Minnie Mouse to check up on Magnificent Mile holiday lights

Mickey and Minnie Mouse will analysis the lights on Michigan Avenue Thursday ... There's a new furry feline prowling around the Brookfield Zoo in suburban Chicago. There's a new furry feline prowling all about the Brookfield Zoo in suburban Chicago.

It's lifetime for ZooLights again

ZooLights, which will run from Nov. 24 from one end to the other Jan. 8, began in 1992 when the Phoenix Zoo’s new marketing manager proposed an idea for a holiday light show similar to one at a Toledo zoo. Since its conception, ZooLights has grown immensely.

11/28-1/12: 3 new things at ZooLights at Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo transforms each fete season from a 1,400-animal ode to nature to a glimmering display of lights and music. ZooLights flips on its 3.7 million lights tonight, Nov. 28, kicking off its 22nd period. Although the animals aren't visible

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