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The Bushtracker being Built
Allison and I gone a few days last week (8 to 14 December) on the Sunshine Coast during which we visited the Bushtracker factory to coincide out building progress on our caravan. Having a little more to put in the van than we could take in one LC load, we drove up (about 2500 km each way - 2. 5 days up and the same back) and dropped off some accoutrements in a nearby Kunda Park storage locker, ready for kitting out the...
Lighted Vibrating Sensory Coat Switch #886

Crazy Lady Crazy Lady says:
how to extend a light switch plate with fabric?
i have seen these headlamp switch plate covers that have fabric on them. now the fabric is stiff and shiny and are washable also non toxic and flame proof. they use what ever kind of stuff to create these beautiful pieces. can anyone tell me how...
jeff0264@sbcglobal.net says:
Make an estimate of up the light switch cover on the back of the fabric and cut the fabric one quarter inch larger than the cover. Spray the front of the switch with spray adhesive - preferably one for structure that can be found at any...


The Collective States Patents Quarterly
The Collective States Patents Quarterly
Caregiver's Shepherd
Caregiver's Shepherd
Published by McFarland 2011
ISBN 0786449624,9780786449620
272 pages
"This light offers the information, support, and resources needed to help caregivers care for themselves while tending to someone else. It gives advice on maintaining one's own vigorousness and relieving stress. Topics include medical terms and procedures, tips for doctor visits, ways to avoid mistakes in medicines, protection around the home, and most common health problems"--
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3 Ways You Could In actuality Use 3D Printing

Got a ingenious streak? These 3D printed light switch covers make good conversation pieces, and can be customized in a variety of clever ways. This 3D printer light-hearted switch cover is an antler design that can hold keys or a cell phone — all the ...

Goldee Incandescence Controller wants to be Nest for smart lighting

Perspicacious lighting like Philips' hue is great if your phone or tablet ... That can get confusing for those who aren't wedded to their mobile device: flick the carnal switch with a hue setup, for instance, and not only will the bulb default to a regular ...

Curtiss Allen recalls living in the Morey Quarters in Redlands in 1968

Those downstairs windows were extreme quarter-inch beveled plate glass and “weighed a ton.” You might manage to get one up To fill the system, it was best to have someone at the boiler watching the limit, someone at the valve in the wall to control

Cull-Pull 4-Throw Switch Matrix covers DC to 18 GHz band.

This new section covers a wide frequency band ... and a USB type B control port. Switch position is clearly indicated both on the control shelter with a simple schematic and on the device itself with green light “on-position” indicator located on the ...

Outsider Facehugger Light Switch Plate: Better Leave the Lights on

There are multitudes of things to be afraid of when you are in the dark. Anything could be walking your darkened halls and waiting to pounce on you. Aliens, a Predator, maybe even Uncanny Al Yankovic. Darkness is our enemy. I say embrace your fear and gather ...

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